Risen Energy has achieved pole position in terms of HJT shipment for 2020


HJT has become the most popular topic in the PV industry. Due to the "PERC technology replacement" concept, HJT technology has attracted keen competition in capital markets. The prices of photovoltaic stocks related to HJT have gained geometric growth since the beginning of 2020.Furthermore, the rise of the heterojunction concept has been well above Hushen 300 Index and ChiNext Index since the beginning of 2020.

According to SOLARZOOM data, Risen Energy has sprung up everywhere in actual shipments since 2020, which helps put them in the number spot in terms of actual shipment of nearly 70MW HJT modules. As one of the pioneers in HJT technology, Risen Energy owes its success in HJT development to long-term strategic goals and firm conviction.

Risen Energy has been a pioneer of HJT technology, whilst their competitors are still at the investigation phase. The company has made core progress in multi-busbar (9BB) half-cut HJT modules, ultra-large and ultra-thin silicon wafers by increasing its investment in R&D. Due to non-destructive cutting and 9BB half-cut technology and the cost reduction of Ag paste and silicon, Risen Energy has managed to achieve breakthrough in the industry.

Risen Energy’s HJT products have achieved excellent properties. It is reported that Risen Energy is the first group of manufacturers to achieve mass production of 158.75mm9BB HJT with the highest rate of 24.2%. The yield of finished products has been rising rapidly as well as the improvement in raw material usage amount and matching. Comparing the packaging process and reliability verification of various packaging materials from different manufacturers, Risen Energy has also managed to selectthe best cutting process and parameters to solve the technical difficulties related to HJT. As a result, Risen is able to ship the MW orders with22% module efficiency, becoming the first supplier in the industry to realize the 9BB HJT half-cut incryogenic welding package.

Risen Energy has been recognized for its production due to its latest batch of technology leader projects in China’s advanced photovoltaic demonstration projects.

Risen Energy passed the stringent certification standards of the "Lead Runner" project and won the bid for the 25MW HJT module order for the Jilin Baicheng Lead Runner Award Project successfully in January 2020, providing technical support for the longevity and efficient operation of the Solar farm project. In February, Risen Energy won the order again for Dalat and provided it with about 10MW HJT modules.

At the same time, Risen Energy's domestic and oversea HJT module shipments have reached 70MW since 2020, making it the largest shipment of HJT modules in the market.

Risen Energy stated that photovoltaic products with high power generation performance and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) will be the development trend of PV modules. HJT, which has huge potential for efficiency improvement and cost reduction, will become the most cost-effective product and dominant technology in the PV industry in the future. It is expected that the gap cost of HJT can be narrowed or eliminated to the cost of PERC, which allows HJT to be the most competitive at present.

Risen Energy will become next generation’s leader of PV technology applications with its first-mover advantage. "In the future, when TITAN can be combined with HJT, photovoltaics will officially enter the 7.0 era."

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