Sintered flux sj101 is a fluorine-alkali granular sintered flux. High alkalinity value, low content of impurity components p, s. Easy slag removal, excellent mechanical properties, smooth welding bead, widely used in pipeline steel x60, x65 welding and steel structure. Due to the diffused hydrogen content (≤5ml/100g) and low oxygen content in the weld, high toughness and high crack resistance can be obtained even at low temperatures. It can be used for multi-wire welding, double-sided single-pass welding. The welding speed can reach 1.6-1.9 meters per minute.
With the corresponding welding wire (such as h08mna, h08mnmoa, h08mn2moa, h10mn2, etc.), it is mainly used for welding low carbon steel and some low alloy steel (such as 16mn, x65, x70, 14mnniq, q345c, etc.) structure and submerged arc welding of boiler pressure vessels, ships, bridges, oil pipelines, etc.

(1) continuous production is possible, and the working conditions of the staff are good. The production cost of welding flux is low, usually only 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of melting welding flux.
(2) the alkalinity of the flux can be adjusted within a large range. Due to production process limitations, the alkalinity of melted flux is relatively high at around 2.5; when the alkalinity of sintered flux reaches 3.5, it still has good arc stability and slag removal ability, and can be used for both ac and dc, with a small amount of smoke and dust. At present, high basicity sintered flux is used in narrow gap submerged arc welding researched and developed in various countries.
(3) due to the high alkalinity and good metallurgical effect of sintered flux, it can achieve a good combination of strength, plasticity, and toughness.
(4) sintered flux can be added with oxygen scavenger and other alloy components, which has better rust resistance than melting flux.
(5) the loose density of welding flux is relatively small, generally ranging from 0.9-i.29/cra3, and the consumption of welding flux is relatively low during welding. High welding current (up to 2000a) can be used, and the welding speed can be up to 150m/h. It is suitable for multi wire, high current, high-speed automatic submerged arc welding process.
(6) due to the advantages of the manufacturing process of sintered flux, it is easier for sintered flux to transition metal elements into the weld seam.
(7) the sintered flux particles are smooth and have low resistance when transported and recycled in pipelines.

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