DIPChain Early Allocation has officially launched with a discount of up to 15%


Recently, DIPChain Project officially announced that its Airdrop activity has ended. A total number of 100,553 people from 62 countries around the world have participated in the event. Related data show that the DIPChain community has reached 150,000 people and the daily active users have exceeded 9,000.

In addition, DIPChain Presale has also received unprecedented attention in the market. Major ICO rating agencies such as IC0Bench, TrackICO have fully recognized the DIPChain, with high scores of 4.9 and 5 points respectively. As can be seen from these scores, DIPChain has gained a high international recognition now.

In the business model of DIPChain, token plays an important role, which can lower the trading threshold and allow more people to participate in the art trading. “We try to make it happen that every investor can get involved. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, you can only buy the whole artwork before, but now you may just get one piece of it, then you can not only enjoy the right to collect it, but also the right to appreciate it.” said DIPChain founder Eric Wang.

Since the quotas of DIPC in the Private Sale has been subscribed in advance, DIPChain officially launched its Early Allocation. 13% of DIPCs has opened to specific institutions or qualified investors, with a discount of up to 15%


Contact Details :



Email: ir@dipchain.io

Website: https://www.dipchain.io

Telegram: https://t.me/dipchain

Country: Singapore

SOURCE: DIPChain Project

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