Why this single photo of chips has angered Aussies and sparked a major debate

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An Aussie hot chip lover has fired up on social media about the ‘disgraceful’ size of her chips,with the shop blaming the cost of living crunch.

Posting to a local Crime and Information' Facebook page',Karen expressed her outrage at the serving size she received from a hot chip shop on the NSW mid north coast.

Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to name the store or the area.

'I’m not sure whether this is just info or a crime,' Karen began.

Given Aussies' love of hot chips,many would argue this a crime.

Karen turned up the heat. ‘This is a $10 serve of hot chips,' she wrote.

She added that she rang the shop to complain and was told their serving sizes had been reduced.

‘I have been speaking to a few people who have said they have complained about the same thing. Why is nothing being done?’ she fumed.

This $10 serving of chips has divided Aussies online


Is this bag of hot chips worth $10?

Yeah,it looks ok.

No,they're dreamin'.

Is this bag of hot chips worth $10?

Yeah,it looks ok. 0 votes No,they're dreamin'. 6 votes Now share your opinion


Most responses to Karen’s post agreed about the sad size of the serving.

‘Wow that’s disgraceful’,one wrote.

‘That was exactly our $10 worth today’,another agreed.

Some users cut to the chase and put a dollar value on the hot chip serving. 

‘Looks loke (sic) $1.00,' one wrote.

Another added: 'Absolutely disgraceful,that's like $2 worth.'

A local commented: ‘We had the same last week. Not going back there!’

'Don’t go back… it’s ridiculous!’

Another local added they won't return to the store.

'Which is sad as a local born and raised and many happy family memories of hot chip sandwiches on the headland,' she added.

'It is no longer a tradition that is affordable for families.' 

In response to Karen’s post,Facebook posters suggested she complain to the shop.

Karen replied that she did complain,and 'they were very nice to speak to but very defensive of profit.'

'There is no profit if no one supports the business.’

One leapt to the defence of the store,suggesting Karen take her business elsewhere,'pretty simple really'.

Karen fired back: 'We will be.' 

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